I'm an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Athlete, Personal Trainer/Online Coach providing Customized Fitness & Nutrition Programs, Competition Prep, Posing Lessons, Life Coach, Hydration Specialist Kangen Water Distributor  & Crohn's/Colitis Survivor.

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My Story

I began serious weight & strength training in 1992, began competing as a bodybuilder in 1993 earning my way to IFBB Professional Status in 2001. Due to personal life issues I did not make my Pro Pro Debut until 2006, took 2007 off and competed again in 2008 I had been trying to revive my bodybuilding career...making my way back to the top until I got knocked back down due to a near fatal bout of Crohn's Disease in 2009. April 2010 my crohn's finally went into remission, I made a come back to the stage in 2012 in Women's Physique Division at the time I thought I was going to stay in that category but due how I trained & my genetics I knew I would get too big so I made a come back to Bodybuilding in 2013 at Tampa Pro getting 3rd place (my best pro career placing) and 2014 Toronto and Omaha Pro shows and then 2015 I got knocked back down with Crohn's losing all my muscle again. 

Now 2017 I am retired from competing and only focus on healing, health and fitness. 

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My Mission & Passion

Through my journey of 25+ years experience in weight lifting, Bodybuilding, competing, health, fitness, and recovering illness I have plenty of knowledge and expertise to help you with your fitness goals. 

 ​I've been in the health/fitness/bodybuilding Industry for over 25 years. As a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach my passion is to help & motivate others with their health & fitness goals at ANY LEVEL customized to you. I’m committed to implementing my knowledge of the fundamentals of Fitness & Exercise. My diverse training styles include bodybuilding, sculpting, toning, functional movement, strength, resistance, & core training through the utilization of weights, bands, balls, body weight exercises, core stabilization, cardio, agility, circuits, intervals & various exercise challenges whether in a 1-on-1 or group & class setting. I also offer Diet & nutrition guidance/counseling, competition prep, tanning, posing lessons & life style coaching,

I’m here to help you become THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!!

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